Late Night Television

A Personal Account of How I've Failed at Everything

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This album would be insufferable if it weren't for the band's sense of humor. No one writes songs with titles like "Sometimes I Forget I Hate Myself," "Worthless Song," and "Losers, Let Downs and Low Points" without their tongue planted firmly in cheek, right? Right? Well, anyway, the important thing is that there are some great hooks here and lots of big, sprawling, messy guitars and songs that begin with lines like, "Walking around this stupid town/Trying to get lost but we keep getting found." (That, incidentally, is from a song called "My Life as a Bad Movie and an Even Worse Soundtrack.") If you like the Goo Goo Dolls for their big, juicy chord progressions and wish they had a bit more of a cynical edge, you'll get a serious kick out of Late Night Television. You'll want to skip the overly precious "Sometimes I Forget I Hate Myself" and the overly long "White Picket Fences," and you can also skip the awful acoustic ballad "I'm Sorry" that ends the program on a soggy note. But about every other song is a solid winner, and that's a pretty good batting average. Right?