Patricia Kopatchinskaja / Camerata Bern

Time & Eternity

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With a title like Time & Eternity and graphics featuring the disembodied head of violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, you know you're in for an ambitious program. Kopatchinskaja's albums have been getting increasingly experimental as her career has developed, and this one is at no time boring, whatever you may think of the overall concept. Sample Crux, by Lubos Fiser, for violin, timpani, and bells, with the timpani pounding away as a kind of avatar of dread. This said the structure of the program is not quite as unconventional as it may at first appear to be. It's organized around two central works: the Concerto funebre of anti-Nazi composer Karl Amadeus Hartmann, and the Polyptyque for violin and two small string orchestras of Frank Martin; the latter work is interspersed with chorales from Bach's Johannes-Passion, BWV 245. Elsewhere, there are shorter works that all contribute to the album's existential themes in one way or another. Some are for violin, but there are also vocal pieces, including short invocations from representatives of three different faith traditions, and the interplay between these voices and the "voice" of the violin adds another layer of interest. Consider also the fine sound engineering from Alpha, executed at a Swiss Radio and Television studio; everything's edgy, contributing to the fearfully modern spiritual landscape. Highly recommended.

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1 00:31 Amazon
2 05:52 Amazon
3 00:58 Amazon
Concerto funebre
4 01:30 Amazon
5 06:51 Amazon
6 08:43 Amazon
7 04:10 Amazon
8 04:21 Amazon
9 00:45 Amazon
10 02:12 Amazon
Messe de Nostre Dame
11 03:38 Amazon
12 03:52 Amazon
Johannes-Passion, BWV 245
13 00:46 Amazon
14 05:56 Amazon
15 01:24 Amazon
16 02:01 Amazon
Johannes-Passion, BWV 245
17 01:01 Amazon
18 04:04 Amazon
Johannes-Passion, BWV 245
19 00:59 Amazon
20 03:54 Amazon
21 06:31 Amazon
22 04:04 Amazon
23 00:26 Amazon
Johannes-Passion, BWV 245
24 02:17 Amazon
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