The 13th Floor Elevators

You're Gonna Miss Me

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"You're Gonna Miss Me" has been revered so long as one of the core 1960s garage rock classics that it might come as a surprise to learn that its nationwide peak was a mere number 55 (though in some regions it charted much higher, such as the Elevators' native Texas). The 13th Floor Elevators might be thought of as more a psychedelic band than a garage one, but "You're Gonna Miss Me" is primal mid-'60s garage, right from its compulsive opening chords, which are like a rawer American derivation of the sorts that opened 1960s Who and Kinks records. That riff was pretty powerful, but the record's most distinguishing characteristics were composer Roky Erickson's yelping lead vocals -- part Little Richard, part Buddy Holly, part Wolfman Jack, part werewolf. They were more Erickson's than anyone else's, though, and conveyed a desperate, swaggering young man on the edge of madness, a development which unfortunately carried over to real life in time. Psychedelic madness was more implicit than explicit in "You're Gonna Miss Me," however, with the most psychedelic element supplied by the rapidly ascending and descending electric jug runs by Tommy Hall. Lyrically the song fit snugly into the mid-'60s garage tradition: an up-yours kiss of goodbye to a girl who'd done the singer wrong, with the boast "you're gonna miss me" when he was gone, perhaps as much to assuage his hurt as to assert his power. It was far more memorable than most such songs, though, not only because of the powerful guitar riff and Erickson's idiosyncratic singing, but also because of the whirling ghostly background vocals. There was also an unexpected pause about midway, the chords landing on a slower ominous riff and becoming more basic as Erickson cooled down for some extemporized-sounding bluesy philosophizing. Then the melody suddenly became brighter, the backup harmonies returned, and the group declared their intentions not to come home before returning to the motif of the main verse. Erickson's screaming became even more crazed on the fade, with a Rolling Stones-like blues-rock harmonica adding to the clamor. There was, incidentally, a prior, similar, and yet slightly less effective version of "You're Gonna Miss Me" on a rare earlier single (sans electric jug) by Erickson's previous group, the Spades. "You're Gonna Miss Me"'s classic status was ensured by its selection as one of the tracks on the Nuggets compilation, and its placement as the opening song in the film High Fidelity, an ode both to collector obsession with records like "You're Gonna Miss Me" and the kind of stormy relationships that inspire such songs.

Appears On

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