The Rolling Stones

You Got the Silver

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"You Got the Silver," one of the less familiar tracks from the Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed, is primarily remembered as the first song by the group on which Keith Richards sang lead (although he'd taken the lead vocal on the first verse of "Salt of the Earth" on Beggars Banquet). Like several of the songs on the Stones' late-'60s albums Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed, it dips back into early-20th century American rural blues for its musical inspiration, though there are hints of country music around the edges. Richards was one of several singer/songwriters in major British Invasion bands who were too limited as vocalists to take lead very often, but who projected a likably heartfelt, sincere personality on the occasions when they were granted the vocal spotlight -- Pete Townshend, George Harrison, and Dave Davies were some others. Richards actually was less skilled as a singer than any of the aforementioned guitarists (and took lead vocals considerably less often), but the rustic, raw nature of "You Got the Silver" fits his persona well. Neighboring other Let It Bleed songs like "Midnight Rambler" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want," however, "You Got the Silver" is just acceptable filler, lacking that strong a tune or as captivating lyrics. It's given a Rolling Stones stamp, however, by Richards' strong slide guitar work, good keyboards by session man Nicky Hopkins, and strange phased-like noises. "You Got the Silver" got a little more exposure when it was used in the soundtrack for the Michelangelo Antonioni film Zabriskie Point.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Let It Bleed 1969 ABKCO Records 2:50
Greatest Rarities, Vol. 1 1991 [Bootleg]
No Image 2001 Decca Bootleg
Remastered Series 2004 ABKCO Records 5:27
The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 [Vinyl Box Set] 2010 ABKCO Records / Universal Distribution 2:50
GRRR! 2012 ABKCO Records 0:00
The Rolling Stones in Mono 2016 ABKCO Records 2:51