You and I

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By the time they recorded A Day At The Races, Queen had become so skilled at the art of recording that they could make the most straightforward songs sound impossibly grand. A good example of this skill was "You And I," a fun pop-rocker full of the dramatic sonic gestures that were the group’s trademark. John Deacon’s lyrics portray a sensitive soul who wants to enjoy the love he’s feeling for what it is instead of turning into a gesture of eternal devotion: "No more questions now/Lets enjoy tonight/Just you and I." These words might seem like the set up for a ballad but Deacon takes a different route by marrying them to an effervescent pop melody that employs joyful ascending runs of notes throughout to create a warm, upbeat feel. Queen’s recording of "You And I" takes the exuberance of the song even higher: the rhythm section maintains a thumping, fast-paced backbeat while Freddie Mercury piles on plenty of rollicking Elton John styled piano lines and Brian May throws out his usual regally ornate guitar riffs. Mercury also adds an exciting, energetic vocal that is fleshed out by the group’s multi-part harmonies. The result is a song that has the immediacy of a pop song but all the studio gloss listeners expect from Queen. "You And I" never became a hit on its own but would go on to get plenty of international exposure because it was used as a b-side for singles of "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Long Away."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
A Day at the Races 1976 Hollywood 3:29