The Beatles

Yellow Submarine

Composed by John Lennon / Paul McCartney

Song Review by

Although one of many people’s favourite Beatles songs, “Yellow Submarine” is not one of the better tracks on Revolver, and rather stems the tide of the consistent brilliance of the album. Penned by Paul McCartney in an attempt to write a children’s ditty, “Yellow Submarine” is certainly very effective at this – it has a simple, hugely catchy melody and joyous, slightly bizarre yet accessible lyrics, which are easy to sing along too. However, to argue the song is a great artistic success is some way off the mark. Yes, it’s easy to listen to, but after a few listens, it becomes tiresome, just as happens with many of McCartney’s other “fun” songs (such as ”When I’m Sixty Four”). “Yellow Submarine”, therefore, is fine for children, but it’s hard to see it as anything but a poor song on Revolver, and one which shows McCartney’s flaws as much as his strengths.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Revolver 1966 Apple Records / Capitol 2:38
No Image 1966 Parlophone 2:36
Yellow Submarine 1969 Apple Records / Capitol 2:39
Yellow Submarine [Film] 1969 MGM 2:36
1962-1966 1973 Capitol / Parlophone 2:39
No Image 1982 Capitol 2:43
No Image 1984 MGM
Sessions 1990 Capitol 2:41
CD Singles Collection 1993 Capitol 0:34
The Ultimate Box Set 1995 Capitol 2:42
Real Love 1996 Apple Records 0:25
Yellow Submarine Songtrack 1999 Capitol / EMI Records / Apple 2:39
1 2000
Capitol 2:37
As It Happened: The Classic Interviews 2000 Enlightenment 1:37
The Beatles: Stereo Box Set 2009 Capitol 2:39
The Beatles USB 2009 Capitol 2:39
1962-1970 2010 EMI / Parlophone 2:39
The U.S. Albums 2014 Capitol / Universal 2:41