Stray Gators / Neil Young

Words (Between the Lines of Age)

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The closing track on the finely crafted Harvest album breaks the mode of the album, being a loose live-in-the-studio folk/rocker. The lyrical statement is surely multi-leveled, but should be left up to the listener for judgement. The passage of time and being a "rock spokesman" seem to be what Neil Young is trying to convey here, and he does it in a surreal and effective fashion. An excellent (although beautifully slightly out-of-focus) band performance by the Stray Gators and harmony vocals by Stephen Stills and Graham Nash highlight the recording. Live versions on Journey Through the Past and especially 2000's Road Rock are worth exploring.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Harvest 1972 Reprise 6:47
No Image 1972 Warner Bros.
No Image 1973 Warner Bros. 0:00