Whole Lotta Rosie

Composed by Angus Young / Bon Scott / Malcolm Young

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The story behind AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" has by now become etched in the annals of rock & roll history. One of hard rock's all-time greatest moments, and quite possibly the heaviest song recorded by the band during the Bon Scott era, the song is also one of its most popular. By extension, its subject, the ubiquitous Rosie, remains the most memorable among Scott's vastly chronicled womanizing exploits. Not exactly a candidate for Miss Australia, the portly Tasmanian ("Weighing in at 19 stone") reportedly took a well-liquored Bon home for a bout of after-show horseplay, boasting she'd already bedded 18 men that month (the next morning, she supposedly turned to her roommate and shouted "29!"). Sure enough, the singer was impressed (or traumatized) enough to immortalize Rosie's bountiful attributes in the song: "She ain't exactly pretty, Ain't exactly small, 42-39-56, You could say she's got it all." In concert, its instantly recognizable introductory riff would automatically incite the audience to chant "Angus! Angus!" in years to come, and it has been played nightly ever since. And generally speaking, "Whole Lotta Rosie" also epitomized the Let There Be Rock album's incredible energy. Playing as loud and as hard as it could, the band didn't even stop when volume and distortion set speakers exploding into flames. The jaw-dropping intensity which came forth represented a quantum leap for AC/DC in terms of sheer power and vicious execution, and launched the band into another level as performers.

Appears On

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