White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane

Song Review by Joe Viglione

From the Surrealistic Pillow album comes this song which, like the word

surrealistic indicates, has "an oddly dreamlike or unreal quality". Few

psychedelic moments can match Grace Slick's trance-like monotone

perhaps inspired by having just read [roviLink="BW"] Lewis Carroll: The Complete Illustrated

Works: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and

What Alice Found There[/roviLink]. With hypnotic guitar work in the slow-march

intro sounding like it was induced by F.A. Mesmer himself, it's all the more

ominous in the harder rocking version released decades later on the [roviLink="MW"]Deep Space/Virgin

Sky[/roviLink] live reunion CD. Originally performed with The Great Society, this

composition by Grace came right on the heels of "Somebody To Love" and instantly

insured Ms. Slick superstardom with more Top 40 airplay in 1967 than her

famous colleague Janis Joplin. With well over a hundred cover versions

by such diverse acts as punk/new wavers The Damned, the hard rock

Lizzie Borden (no relation to the new wave girl group produced by

Genya Ravan) and, believe it or not, jazz maestro George Benson,

it is Grace and her pharmaceutical prescription advice which is the definitive

rendition and inspired the Keanu Reeves film The Matrix as much as James Cameron's

The Terminator did. When in the movie Morpheus offers Neo the little red pill or the

little blue pill, it is pure Grace Slick opening the door to wonderland with

narcotics. Years later it is amazing the censors didn't put a stop to it,

Janis Ian's "Society's Child" finding more problems with an interracial

love affair than The Jefferson Airplane's window to another world. It's a

classic in the truest sense of the world and always a pause for fun when it comes on the radio.

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