The Allman Brothers Band

Whipping Post

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"Whipping Post" demonstrates why the Allman Brothers transcended the limiting catch-all "Southern rock" term; it is a rock song that at once combines substantial elements of the blues, hard rock, jazz fusion, gospel, country, and soul music -- not to mention Southern gothic fiction -- into a combustible testament to rage. The protagonist sounds like he is about to go over the edge, perhaps capable of murder, at having been mistreated by a woman. The suspenseful 6/8 time signature and ascending chord sequence sound like a galloping soundtrack to an action scene in movie. The musical maelstrom -- the unrelenting rhythm section, blistering lead guitars, swirling organ, and vocals that are alternately weary and aggressive -- seems to mirror the turmoil stirred up in the man: "I've been run down. I've been lied to/And I don't know why I let that mean woman make me a fool/She took all my money, wrecked my new car/And now she's with one of my good-time buddies/drinking in some cross-town bar." And he is egged on by his friends: "My friends tell me that I've been such a fool...." The image of the whipping post is a particularly weighted symbol for Southerners; its use here may seem melodramatic, but not when the song is considered a glimpse into one man's personal struggle with inner (and outer) demons. The original recording of the song, from 1969's Capricorn release The Allman Brothers Band, clocked in at just over five minutes. Live, as evidenced on its Live at Fillmore East record, the band would jam on the piece -- grooving over the rhythm section and bringing the song to multiple climaxes -- often stretching it over 20 minutes. Other versions offer a more modest length, such as jazz artist Sarah K's and that by blues guitarist Pat Travers.

Appears On

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