Where the Sour Turns to Sweet

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"Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" was written and recorded for the concept album From Genesis to Revelation, Genesis' first LP. The album opener, the song is an invitation to "leave your ugly selfish shell" (your corporeal body, that is) "to melt in the glowing flames" of the creator, since this will be the tale of man's origins. Words like "sunshine," "peace," and "rainbow" pop up throughout the song, giving it a strong flower power flavor. It begins with three fifths on the piano and finger snaps and builds up to a majestic chorus with harmony vocals from above (as in "Visions of Angels"). String arrangements added by Jonathan King, the band's producer at the time, tend to lessen the song's impact. "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" was released in June 1969 as the only single from the album, backed with "In Hiding" (it failed to chart). It was part of Genesis' first live shows, but no public performance has been documented, either officially or not. A rough mix without strings can be found on Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967-1975. The American progressive rock group Echolyn recorded a worthy version of it. It is included on When the Sweet Turns Sour.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
From Genesis to Revelation 1969 Disky 3:14
No Image 1975 Decca 3:20
And the Word Was 1987 London 0:00
Where the Sour Turns to Sweet 1993 JDC Records / Jonjo 3:14
Archive, Vol. 1: 1967-1975 1998 Atlantic 3:14
In the Beginning 2002 Black Rose 3:14