Prefab Sprout

When Love Breaks Down

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"When Love Breaks Down" was the first single from Two Wheels Good (Steve McQueen in Prefab Sprout's native U.K.), and the only track on the album not produced by Thomas Dolby. Phil Thornalley, a former member of the Cure who had previously produced or engineered hits by XTC, the Psychedelic Furs, and the Thompson Twins, did the honors, and his production certainly keeps one eye on the circa-1985 pop charts: the song's opening, featuring bell-like synths over Wendy Smith's ghostly overdubbed wordless harmonies, sounds like it could herald any number of pop and R&B hits from that year, such as DeBarge's "Who's Holding Donna Now." Along with the radio-friendly production, "When Love Breaks Down" is easily the most straightforward and emotionally resonant song Paddy McAloon had written to that point in his career, and he delivers the soulful lyrics with a disarming directness, especially on the impassioned choruses. Rather than the standard remix, the U.K. single of "When Love Breaks Down" is actually vastly different from the album version, featuring an entirely new and less forceful vocal performance by McAloon; this version can be found on the 2001 double-disc anthology The Collection, while the album version graces the earlier single-disc best-of A Life of Surprises.

Appears On

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