What You Need

Composed by Andrew Farriss / Michael Hutchence

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The leadoff track from their 1985 LP, Listen Like Thieves, "What You Need" was the first American Top Ten hit for Australian dance rockers INXS, and arguably the first stone-cold classic single for a group who produced more than their fair share. "What You Need" had a stomping groove that sounded a little like the Rolling Stones without the blues influence, plus a swaggering performance by vocalist Michael Hutchence. The arrangement was spacious and the parts of the individual instruments simple, allowing them all to interlock easily -- from the electronic drums and driving, rumbling bass line to the spare chordal strokes of the guitars and the stylish saxophone. During the chorus, the guitars suddenly kick up the intensity, hitting ringing power chords as the drums pound harder behind them. After the second chorus, there's also a funky breakdown in which Hutchence chants the title over a drumbeat with effects layered over his voice; the guitar enters and plays a down-and-dirty single-note riff before returning to the verse figure. Like nearly every great pop single, "What You Need" is tightly constructed, with no wasted space or unnecessary repetition anywhere. Even though INXS would prove themselves a terrific pop outfit many times over the next few years, "What You Need" remains one of their most infectious numbers.

Appears On

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