We Will Rock You

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For Queen's 1977 release News of the World, the band decided to scale down on the over-the-top approach that was featured on their previous two albums -- A Day at the Races and A Night at the Opera. The result was one of the quartet's most direct-sounding and hardest-rocking albums since their self-titled debut four years earlier, and spawned two of Queen's most recognizable hits -- "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" -- which open up the album back to back. There was little to compare guitarist Brian May's minimalist composition "We Will Rock You" to (perhaps only Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll"), which featured only vocals and percussion for the majority of the song's duration, except for a guitar solo at the end. The band felt that they needed to pen a rallying cry for their fans that would take on a new life in concert, and they succeeded with one of rock's all-time great and enduring compositions. The song's continuous stomping beat was custom made for fans in an arena, which later led to the song being a favorite at sporting events around the world (especially at football, baseball, hockey, and basketball games in the U.S.). The song was also reworked as a fast-paced and more conventional rock number that served as a concert opener for several of Queen's late-'70s/early-'80s tours (featured on 1979's Live Killers), but the original version remains the better-known of the two by far.

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Greatest Hits [1992] 1992 Hollywood 2:01