Cliff Richard

We Don't Talk Anymore

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Written by longtime friend and guitarist Alan Tarney, "We Don't Talk Anymore" was Cliff Richard's second Top Ten hit on Billboard's singles chart and his first number one hit in 11 years in England. Once again with producer Bruce Welch's help, the song became Richard's biggest-selling single ever, while Rock & Roll Juvenile's sturdy pop sound put him firmly into the rock & roll mainstream for the very first time. Both Tarney and Welch convinced Richard to lean more toward a current rock & roll sound, especially after the disastrous results of 1978's Green Light album, which was an extremely docile and overly mellow affair. The album has Richard sounding solid both vocally and in his guitar playing, churning out a revitalized pop sound full of animated rhythms and inspirited lyrics. Even though it's a breakup song, "We Don't Talk Anymore" sports a wonderfully polished rhythm that's friendly and free-flowing, with Richard gliding his lyrics over some smooth organ riffs and an engaging melody. "We Don't Talk Anymore"'s sound may be laid back and unhurried, but it is a pop song, and it's a far cry from the insipid ballads that he had been sporting up until the mid-'70s. "Carrie," the second Top 40 hit from the album, brandished the same type of appeal, enabling Richard to break away from the complaisant love song while allowing his true rock and talent to finally flourish.

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