Guadalcanal Diary

Watusi Rodeo

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Guadalcanal Diary called their first EP Watusi Rodeo because they thought one side sounded country and the other sounded African. For their debut full-length, the boys (and girl) from Marietta, Georgia, wrote a song called "Watusi Rodeo" that blended the two influences, coming up with one of the great post-R.E.M. jangle pop singles of the '80s in the process. The song is played deceptively fast, with John Poe's double-time drumming driving Rhett Crowe's rubbery, hyper bass and Jeff Wall's twangy, surf-inspired guitar licks. Over it all, Murray Attaway sings the dryly comic lyrics in a nervous rush, throwing out sharp images that hint at American imperialism with a just-kidding giggle that makes them that much more effective. The addition of a brilliant Dick Dale-style guitar solo and good old-fashioned hammer-down ending makes "Watusi Rodeo" a textbook example of how the best American indie bands managed to mix the fresh and the familiar to create some gloriously fizzy pop gems.