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"There are some very truthful songs on Wildlife," Ian Hunter says of Mott the Hoople's third album, and the gentle piano and string-led "Waterlow" ranks among the most honest of them all. "Waterlow" itself is the name of the Islington street where Hunter and his first wife lived, and the song's air of melancholy regret certainly seems to touch upon the tensions which brought that relationship to an end. "The wise man who knows why he cries" is a role which Hunter has surely aspired to across a subsequent succession of similarly autobiographical songs, while the strain in his vocal as he strives towards a key which is just out of his reach adds to the effectiveness of the performance.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Wildlife 1971 Atlantic 3:02
The Ballad of Mott: A Retrospective 1993 Columbia / Legacy 3:00
The Best of the Island Years: 1969-1972 2001 Karussell 3:03