Neil Young

War of Man

Composed by Neil Young

Song Review by

Utilizing a similar guitar lick as "Look Out for My Love," "War of Man" is another one of Harvest Moon's songs that uses familiar musical motifs as his earlier works, yet ends up being wholly original. The subject matter of the lyrics is a simple and literate take on man's inhumanity towards other men and nature. This had certainly been explored by Neil Young before, but not in such a grand, epic manner. In fact, the expansiveness of the song would have made it a perfect album closer, yet its inclusion in the middle of this album lends weight to the collection, showcasing Young's care of the listener's experience.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Harvest Moon 1992 Reprise 5:41
No Image 1992 Bootleg 0:00
No Image 1993 KTS 6:35