Depeche Mode

Walking in My Shoes

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With rampant depression, drug abuse, world tours with ridiculous schedules, and interpersonal conflicts ravaging the members of Depeche Mode, walking in their shoes was the last thing anybody would hope for at this point in the band's career. But this darkly melodic and starkly revealing song from the great Songs of Faith and Devotion proves that even through obscene adversity, Martin Gore and company could achieve musical catharsis. Like "I Feel You," "Walking in My Shoes" feels like a throwback to Violator's lush electronic sweep. Even though it's musically quite ornate and smooth, Dave Gahan threatens to turn Gore's lyrics into a battle cry. Melodically, the song is similar to Ultra's "Barrel of a Gun," but where producer Tim Simenon would lead Depeche Mode down an aggressive, bombastic path, Flood embellishes the band's sound with mournful, weeping synths. Of all the tracks on Songs of Faith and Devotion, "Walking in My Shoes" shares perhaps the most in common musically with Depeche Mode's previous albums. With so much of the album leaning toward spiritual revelation and hinting of gospel and blues, "Walking in My Shoes" strays the least from the band's formula of keyboards and depressed subject matter. That it feels like the band is recycling trademark sounds doesn't detract one bit from the song's power and swarthy charm. "Walking in My Shoes" is a sure highlight of Songs of Faith and Devotion even if it doesn't seek new ground thematically or musically.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Songs of Faith and Devotion 1993 Sire / Reprise 5:35
No Image 1993
Various Artists
Walking in My Shoes 1993 Warner Bros. 6:53
The Singles 86>98 1998 Mute / Reprise
Videos 1986-1998 1998 Warner Bros.
The Singles 81>98 2001 EMI 5:02
Videos 86>98+ 2002 Mute
Singles Box, Vol. 5 2004 Reprise / Mute 6:54
The Work of Director Anton Corbijn [DVD] 2005
Various Artists
The Best Of, Vol. 1 2006 Reprise / Sire / Mute