Buffalo Springfield

Uno Mundo

Composed by Stephen Stills

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Prior to the formation of Buffalo Springfield, Stephen Stills spent his high school years in Costa Rica, where he absorbed the musical climate like a sponge. Although Stills would later regularly explore Latin and South American musical motifs, this Springfield recording was the first evidence of his interest in this area. Lyrically (and partially sung in Spanish), the song is a bitter jab at world politics long before the term "third world" became popular. Political posturing, bureaucracy, and general government deception are the main targets here, but again -- as in many of Stills' creations of the period -- he appears to be thinking of musical arrangement ideas during the creation, as opposed to only writing the song. To be even more accurate, he was writing records. The song is mostly a two-chord affair, but rhythm and guitar percussion interplay are what anchor the finished product, which is stunning. Stills' guitar work predates Carlos Santana's Latin rock explorations by at least a year.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Last Time Around 1968 Atco 2:00
Buffalo Springfield [Collection] 1973 WEA 2:00
Buffalo Springfield [Box Set] 2001 Atco / Rhino 2:04
Carry On 2013 Atlantic 2:05
What's That Sound? Complete Albums Collection 2018 Atlantic / Rhino 2:02