Iggy Pop

Tuff Baby

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The late-'80s rise of the California metal contingent was never going to pass Iggy Pop by, especially once the movement's own progenitors flocked to the banner of his influence and example. 1988's Instinct album was Iggy's way of acknowledging their obeisance, with "Tuff Baby" deliberately cut from cloth that this newest wave would certainly identify as its own. Over a deliciously dirty Steve Jones guitar line, into which a solo of Neanderthal grace cuts like a very blunt knife, Iggy extols the virtues of, indeed, a tough baby, setting the ensuing romance within a landscape of urban decay snatched straight from the latest headlines -- "there's chaos in the suburbs, downtown's got the blues, but I love you...." How touching.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Instinct 1988 A&M 4:27
The Ride [Original Soundtrack] 1994
Original Soundtrack
Ffrr 4:23
Millennium Edition 2000 Universal International 4:27
Iggy Pop: Universal Masters Collection 2000 A&M 4:27
20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection: The Best of Iggy Pop 2006 A&M 4:27
The A&M Recordings 2006 Fontana / Hip-O Select 6:45