Chuck Berry

Too Much Monkey Business

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By all accounts, Chuck Berry has long been a man not eager to part with a dollar unless it's absolutely necessary, and he held on to his day job as a hairdresser while playing guitar at night for quite some time until he was certain rock & roll paid better than hair styling. It's a little surprising, then, that Berry hasn't written more about the life of a working stiff, but when he did approach the subject on "Too Much Monkey Business," he came up with a doozy. "Runnin' to and fro/Hard workin' at the mill/Never fail, in the mail/Here come a rotten bill," Berry spits after a ringing staccato guitar into, and he sings the line with enough venom that you'd think the guy had just punched out after a shift at a steel mill. Chuck also shares his views on less-than-honest salesmen ("Say you can buy, go and try it/You can pay me next week"), dealing with telephone company ("Pay phone, somethin' wrong/Dime gone, will mail/I oughta sue the operator/For tellin' me a tale"), career opportunities in the military ("been to Yokohama/Been fightin' in the war/Army bunk, Army chow/Army bunk, Army corps"), and life in the service industries ("Workin' in the fillin' station/Too many tasks/Wipe the windows, check the tires, check the oil/Dollar gas!"). Throughout, Berry makes no effort to hide his disgust with having to work so long and so hard for so little, and to have so many people try to bilk him out of a buck; the annoyed "ahhh!" that ends most of the verses rings with an everyman's disgust, and his shout of "I don 't need your botheration!" at the end is truly inspired. The lean, wiry melody and insistent rhythms of Berry's performance speak of a man in the midst of an honest venting session, and while his verses on the perils of romance and the annoyance of school sound like they were thrown in to make the song ring truer for Chuck's usual audience, in context they sound all of a piece. Being a Chuck Berry song, "Too Much Monkey Business" spawned a fair number of cover versions over the years, but perhaps the oddest tribute to the song came when the Allman Brothers Band used the last two lines of the seventh verse as the title for its 1976 live album, Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas.

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