The Beach Boys

Time to Get Alone

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An outtake from the Friends sessions, "A Time to Live in Dreams" shows what a great creative roll Dennis Wilson was on during 1968-1969. A forlorn and heavily spiritual ballad, it seems in hindsight as though it's a warm-up to his Sunflower classic, "Forever." An oddly dissonant classically influenced keyboard run ends each verse in a strangely appealing fashion. Semi-autobiographical, the song is deep and dark, showcasing a sensitive side to Wilson that was, unfortunately, usually hidden. Fortunately, the song has resurfaced on the Hawthorne, CA anthology.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
20/20 1969 Capitol 2:40
Friends/20/20 1990 Capitol / EMI Records 2:38
Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys 1993 Capitol / EMI Records 2:43
Capitol Years 1999 EMI Music Distribution 2:37
Hawthorne, CA 2001 Capitol 3:39
Classics: Selected by Brian Wilson 2002 Capitol / EMI Records 2:39
California Feelin': Best of the Beach Boys 2002 Japanese Import 2:39
Summer Love Songs 2009 Capitol
Made in California 2013 Capitol / Universal 2:39
1967: Sunshine Tomorrow 2017 Capitol / Virgin EMI 3:08
1967: Sunshine Tomorrow 2 - The Studio Sessions 2017 Capitol / Universal 3:15
I Can Hear Music: The 20/20 Sessions 2018 Capitol 3:36
Wake the World: The Friends Sessions 2018 Capitol Catalog Mkt (C92) 2:04