Maroon 5

This Love

Composed by Jesse Carmichael / Ryan Dusick / Adam Levine / Michael Madden / Mickey Madden / James Valentine / James Valentine

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When "This Love" was issued as a single early in 2004, Maroon 5 had already benefited from something record companies aren't really known for anymore: patience. It had taken over a year for "Harder to Breath", Maroon's first single from Songs About Jane, to penetrate pop playlists. But when it finally did, the wiry rocker reached the top ten of three different Billboard charts. Their adult alternative cred thusly established, Maroon 5 then dropped "This Love", a slick channeling of vintage R&B rhythms into punchy pop dynamics. The addictive crossbreed wrapped Maroon main man Adam Levine's wry falsetto around strutting, bottom-heavy piano and percussion both programmed and live; chirping backup vocals and washes of sunny synth and flute acted as counterweights. With a love of rhythm and sly lyrics like "I tried my best to feed her appetite/To keep her coming every night/So hard to keep her satisfied," Maroon's music grooved on a greater sexual charge than, say, Train's. But "This Love"'s traditional song structure and inescapably hummable chorus still ensured its success in multiple pop markets. Indeed -- "This Love" reached number one on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart and number two on Top 40 Mainstream. It even dented the dance charts with a Junior Vasquez remix version. As it turns out, patience really is a virtue.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Songs About Jane 2002 A&M / Interscope / Octone Records 3:26