The Beatles

Think For Yourself

Composed by George Harrison

Song Review by

One of the lesser tracks on Rubber Soul, “Think For Yourself” contains a very dated, rather patronising lyric and rather bland melody, especially for the Beatles around this period. Indeed, although Rubber Soul contains arguably the finest collection of Lennon and McCartney songs, the two songs penned by George Harrison are rather weak. “Think For Yourself”, with it’s demand “you gotta think for yourself/’Cause I won’t be there with you” sounds very much of it’s time, although the song does contain an ingenious chord sequence and, typically, a great introduction. However, it’s marred by a poor melody and trite lyric. Not one of Harrison’s better efforts.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Rubber Soul 1965 Apple Records / Capitol 2:18
The Best of George Harrison 1976 Capitol / EMI Records 2:21
No Image 1994 Big Music 3:02
The Ultimate Box Set 1995 Capitol 2:19
Yellow Submarine Songtrack 1999 Capitol / EMI Records / Apple 2:18
The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2 2006 Apple / Capitol / EMI 2:19
The Beatles: Stereo Box Set 2009 Capitol 2:18
The Beatles USB 2009 Capitol / EMI 2:18
The U.S. Albums 2014 Capitol / Universal 2:19