Howard Jones

Things Can Only Get Better

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For his first album, 1984's Human's Lib, Howard Jones was still nominally associated with the UK's synth-pop scene and the increasingly archaic term "new wave." 1985's glossy Dream Into Action was a calculated bid for mainstream chart action (bye-bye to the mime that accompanied Jones in his early videos and concerts, hello to more fashionable clothes) and thanks in part to Rupert Hine's slickly attractive production and Jones' own more direct songwriting, it was a successful one. "Things Can Only Get Better" quickly became the favorite song of high school girls across the land in the fall of 1985 (supplanting their previous favorite, a-ha's "Take On Me"), thanks in huge part to its immediately catchy wordless chorus (unless "whoa," repeated 24 times per chorus in a call and response pattern, counts as a word) and the "Sussudio"-style white-boy pop-funk of the song's undeniably appealing groove. It should be ghastly, but somehow -- perhaps due to Jones' obvious earnestness -- it doesn't sound as grossly calculated as it undoubtedly is.

Appears On

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