The Wall Street Shuffle

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10cc's sixth British single, and the opening cut on 1974's epochal Sheet Music album, the stridently riff-heavy "Wall Street Shuffle," is one of the band's most distinctive numbers, and an early indication of the sheer strength of the Eric Stewart/Graham Gouldman songwriting team.

Maintaining the group's apparent obsession with all things American, and packing the sort of fast-punning lyricism for which bandmates Godley and Crème would later be given all the credit, "Wall Street Shuffle" was already firmly established in the band's live set when it marched to number ten in July 1974 (an American release was, inexplicably, somewhat less successful). The song remained in the band's live repertoire for the remainder of its career, appearing on both the KBFH and Live and Let Live albums, and developing, over the years, into a truly gargantuan roar. It also followed "Rubber Bullets" in proving, to everyone who thinks such things are important, that 10cc might have been a clever bunch of sods, but they still knew how to rock & roll.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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No Image 1979 3:53
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Various Artists
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