Frank Zappa & the Mothers

The Sanzini Brothers

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"The Sanzini Brothers" was a short comedy routine performed by the Mothers of Invention while singers Flo & Eddie were part of the band (1970-1971). More than "Groupie Routine" or "Penis Dimension," this number represents how low Frank Zappa and his consorts' humor could go. The brothers Adolph, Rudolph, Piss-Off, and Jack-Off perform ludicrous circus tricks, one of which is "the world famous sodomy trick" -- the reader is left to imagine the rest on his or her own. A live recording appeared on Playground Psychotics for historic purposes, but other performances had seen the light of day on a number of bootlegs and the duo of comedians continued to include it in their own shows, recording it twice (on Flo & Eddie and Illegal, Immoral & Fattening).