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The New Girl in School

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"The New Girl in School" was a typical example of the Beach Boys/Jan & Dean style of Southern California pop/rock of the first half of the 1960s. With its "Papa-do-ron-dey-ron-dey-ooh" vocal part and lyrics about teenage life, it fit in perfectly with other songs by the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean, many of which it resembled. And why shouldn't it have? It was written by Jan Berry, Brian Wilson, and Roger Christian, after all, and Wilson especially had forged this entire style of music as the leader of the Beach Boys. The song began life with the title "Gonna Hustle You," but Liberty Records, Jan & Dean's label, had them change the lyrics and title due to the unfortunate implications of the word "hustle" that the composers apparently didn't appreciate. "The New Girl in School" was good enough to have been an A-side single release, but it was put on the B-side of "Dead Man's Curve," released in February 1964, on the theory that that song's somewhat forbidding subject matter might prevent its being a hit, in which case disc jockeys would be encouraged to turn the single over. "Dead Man's Curve" hit the Top Ten, but some disc jockeys turned it over anyway, and "The New Girl in School" made the Top 40 on its own, the most successful B-side Jan & Dean ever had. After Jan Berry was injured in an automobile accident in 1966, Liberty tried reissuing it as an A-side without success. In 1973, Dean Torrance overdubbed the original "Gonna Hustle You" lyrics over the track and released it as by the Legendary Masked Surfers.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl in School 1964 C-Five 2:26
No Image 1965 Liberty
No Image 1966 Liberty
No Image 1971 United Artists Records
No Image 1992 EMI-Capitol Special Markets
Greatest Hits 1992 EMI-Capitol Special Markets 2:24
All Time Greatest Beach Party Hits 1995 Madacy Distribution / CEMA Special Markets
The Original 1995 Disky 3:05
Jan & Dean Golden Hits, Vols. 1-3 1996 One Way Records 2:55
Drag City/Jan & Dean's Pop Symphony No. 1 1996 One Way Records 2:43
Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl in School/Popsicle 1996 One Way Records 2:26
All the Hits: From Surf City to Drag City 1996 Capitol 3:00
Anthology Album 1996 One Way Records 2:56
Rockin' Poppin' Favourites 1999 EMI Music Distribution 2:31
Favorites 1999 Intercontinental Records 3:02
The Story [Bonus CD-ROM] 2000 EMI Music Distribution 3:04
Take Brian Surfin' 2002 Japanese Import 2:42
Their Greatest Hits 2004 Fuel 2000 2:24
Ride the Surf with Jan and Dean 2004 Castle Pulse 2:33
Surf City/Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl in School 2004 Beat Goes On 2:25