Neil Young

The Last Trip to Tulsa

Composed by Neil Young

Song Review by

After a song cycle of powerful, well-crafted, multi-layered (and overdubbed) songs that made up his self-titled solo debut, Neil Young decided to close the album with a real left turn. Cut by Young alone with just an acoustic guitar, "The Last Trip to Tulsa" is unlike anything else on the record. Through a multitude of verses all read in a very early Dylanesque style, Young goes through many phases of his life, particularly those of being a folksinger and pop star. Its multi-leveled imagery is both stark and detailed, not unlike his Buffalo Springfield classic, "Broken Arrow." The recorded performance borders on being amateurish at times but is nonetheless captivating. In the end, you might not be sure what you heard, but you know you have come as close to realizing who Neil Young is as a human being as you're probably going to get. Striking.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Neil Young 1968 Reprise 9:26
Neil Young Archives, Vol. I (1963-1972) 2009 Reprise / Warner Bros. 9:29
Neil Young Archives, Vol. I (1963-1972) [Video] 2009 Reprise 8:35