Brian Eno

The Fat Lady of Limbourg

Composed by Brian Eno

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An absolutely compulsive slice of nonsense, you can pore over the surprisingly audible lyrics and still not have a clue what "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" is actually about. Which, of course, was the idea. The Fat Lady herself is a grotesque Grimms fairy tale character, with a super-sensitive nose and a taste for jellyfish kisses, but the surreal imagery packed into every verse is remarkable, while the musical accompaniment is as colorfully quirk-laden as the lyric. But it is sinister, too. "I assume you understand we have options on your time," Eno announces. "And we'll dump you in the harbor if we must." A truly dynamic version of "Fat Lady of Limbourg" is included on remastered editions of the landmark 801 Live album, the understatement of the studio original willingly steamrollered beneath the deliberately ponderous bass and guitar of co-conspirators Bill MacCormack and Phil Manzanera.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) 1974 EMI 5:05
No Image 1994 Griffin 0:00