The Attack of the Giant Ants

Composed by Chris Stein

Song Review by

A gloriously trashy homage both to cheap drive-in movies and gimmicky old pop singles, "Attack of the Giant Ants" sounds like the Shangri-Las doing a novelty tie-in single for a new Godzilla movie, complete with sound effects (there's a bizarre breakdown section in the middle of the song that mimics the climactic battle scene in any AIP International film of the '50s) and an appealingly girl-groupish vocal from Debbie Harry, who sounds like she's having a blast describing scenes of planetary destruction, interspersed with a cheerful "la-la-la" refrain. Musically, the song is a showcase for drummer Clem Burke, who overplays with an abandon he wouldn't show again until 1979's "Dreaming," and Jimmy Destri's ultra-trashy Farfisa organ fills. It's this sense of humor and energy that Blondie lost on their late period albums, and with it, their personality.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Blondie 1976 Chrysalis Records 3:24
Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker Punk 1995
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution / Capitol 3:24