Johnny Cash

Thanks a Lot

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1969 Columbia
No Image 1979 Get Back Roots
I Walk the Line [Weton] 2003 Forever Gold / Weton 2:53
No Image 2004 Wonderful
Life Goes On 2005 Rajon Entertainment Pty Ltd.
No Image 2005 Prism Entertainment
I Walk the Line [Pegasus] 2005 Pegasus (Pinnacle) 2:32
32 Original Classics 2005 Dove 2:36
Johnny Cash [Direct Source] 2005 Direct Source 2:39
Collection [Madacy Box Revised] 2005 Madacy 2:37
Collection [Madacy Disc 3 Revised] 2005 Madacy 2:37
Johnny Cash [Direct Source Box Set] 2006 Direct Source 2:38
Forever Johnny Cash 2006 Madacy Distribution / Madacy 2:38
Outtakes 2007 Bear Family Records
All Aboard the Blue Train/Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash/Sings Hank Williams 2007 Snapper 2:55
The Rockabilly Legends: They Called it Rockabilly Long Before They Called it Rock and Roll 2007
Various Artists
Jerry Naylor
Purely Johnny Cash 2008 Delta Distribution / Purely 2:41
No Image 2008 Euro Trend / MCP
Simply Johnny Cash 2010 Simply
The Best of Johnny Cash [Sonoma] 2010 Sonoma 2:38
The Troubadour 2011 Delta Music Group / Music Digital 2:37
100 Hits Legends: Johnny Cash 2011 100 Hits 2:36
I Walk the Line [Metro] 2011 Metro / Metro Select 2:36
I Walk The Line - 101 Classic Tracks 2012 AP
The Rebel [Music Digital] 2013 Music Digital 2:38
No Image 2013 Jazz Elite S.P.
No Image 2013 DLG Digital
No Image 2013 Reloaded
Greatest Hits 2017 Charly Records
10 Original Albums Documents
No Image
Various Artists
Forever Classic Hits
Above and Beyond: Monsters of Rock, Vol. 20
Various Artists
No Image Delta Distribution
Classic Original Recordings Presents: The Ultimate Collection Digilouge
Country & Western: Greatest Love Songs
Various Artists
Country Fever, Vol. 4
Various Artists
Country Hits, Vol. 5  [Country Legacy Hits]
Various Artists
Country Legacy Hits
Four of a Kind: 200 Classic Songs (from Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry)
Various Artists
No Image Intermusic
Inspiration Delta Music Group 2:36
No Image Intermusic
No Image
Various Artists
Tripswitch Records
Rock 'n' Roll Legends One & Only Rock 'n' Roll
Rock N' Roll Fever, Vol. 10
Various Artists
Rock N' Roll Fever, Vol. 16
Various Artists
No Image Jasmine Records
No Image 180 Gram Records
No Image Intermusic
Trilogy Edge / Not Now Music