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A 1977 single that was anything but, "Tedious" was an ethereal call for unity, backed by The Upsetters at their simmering best. Their accompaniment floods out of the speakers (the louder, the better), its hard, snapping beats, crashing, smashing cymbals and lethal bass line, eerie wah-wahing organ, melancholy keyboard riff, and slashing riffs boil and roil, the resulting atmosphere dense and dangerous.

Overhead, Junior Murvin's soulful falsetto sounds out, urging Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley to lead the nation to the promised land, as Moses did before him. However the exodus that the singer envisions is not one of repatriation, but of rebuilding, turning an island bitterly divided by recent elections and riven by the violence that accompanied them, into an earthly paradise. Murvin's vocals are superb, with The Congos's adding equally sublime harmonies.

Perry's production is phenomenal, creating the toughest of milieus and the most mesmerizing and haunting of auras, which reach their apex on the even more sizzling dubbed half of the song. A masterpiece, and another righteous hit for the artist and his brilliant producer.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Police & Thieves 1977 Mango 5:02
Arkology 1997 Island Jamaica / PolyGram 5:04