Super Trouper

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An oft-overlooked key to ABBA's success is that their ballads were as catchy and memorable as their up-tempo pop tunes. The reason for this is that songwriters Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson made certain their ballads were just as tight and hook-laden as their purely pop efforts. A great example is "Super Trouper," which derives its unusual title from the nickname for a kind of giant spotlight used at arena concerts. The lyric is a simple but well-told tale of a superstar who overcomes her weariness from the demands of fame when she discovers that her love will be in the audience. This sentimental narrative could have been mawkish but it derives a genuine heart-tugging pull from a gentle, hypnotic melody whose notes rise and fall to match the lyric's mood swings. To keep the proceedings from becoming too syrupy, Ulvaeus and Andersson weave in a bright singalong chorus with an Asian lilt reminiscent of the chorus for "Mamma Mia." This balance of sweet verses and catchy choruses makes "Super Trouper" a ballad that is likely to win a listener's heart even as it inspires them to tap their toes. The overall catchiness is further enhanced on ABBA's recording by a bevy of instrumental and vocal hooks that include the tapestry of keyboard lines that form the song's backbone and the "oom-pah"-style backup vocals on the chorus. The record's appeal is sealed by a stately lead vocal from Frida Lyngstad, who wrings the narrative for its maximum emotion without overdoing it. All these attributes make "Super Trouper" a ballad that is as fun as an up-tempo pop song in its own gentle way.

Appears On

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