Sunday Girl

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The fourth single from Blondie's Parallel Lines, "Sunday Girl" would become the second track to hit number one on the U.K. charts, following the worldwide success of "Heart of Glass," thereby qualifying the album as an certified smash and helping the group become the first new wave act to reach platinum status. The song is pure pop, a dulcet, charming throwback to the innocent sounds of the Beach Boys and uninhibited music of early rock, particularly that of girl vocal groups such as the Ronnettes and the Shangri-Las. Guitarist Chris Stein originally conceived the song as a Latin-flavored number but soon reworked the sound into a bubbling bounce of light plunking guitar and gentle cruising rhythms while the airy melody still contains a whiff of a Latin love song in the fluid, singsong cadence of Deborah Harry's phrasing. Her innocent little girl delivery provides the perfect vehicle for the song's sad-sweet swooning as she coyly croons, "I know a girl from a lonely street/Cold as ice cream but still as sweet/Dry your eyes Sunday girl/Hey I saw your guy with a different girl/Looks like he's in another world/Run and hide Sunday girl." A distinct retro feel takes hold in the song's infectious B-section, the beat switching to a stuttering rhythm supported by the mandatory handclaps on the double-tap snare drum accents that would be at home in a number of classic Brill Building-era songs. Harry drives the hook home with a silky soft harmonized vocal repeating, "Hurry up, hurry up and wait/I stay away all week and still I wait/I got the blues/Please come see what your lovin' means to me/Hurry up, hurry up and wait," with enough irresistibly endearing sweetness to melt the hearts of millions.

Appears On

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