Louis Armstrong

Struttin' With Some Barbecue

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Stardust 1988 Portrait 0:00
Hot 5's & 7's 1925-1928 1991 Laserlight
The Sounds of New Orleans [MCA] 1993
Various Artists
MCA 3:01
Jazz Masters, Vol. 2 [Sob] 1994
Various Artists
Sob 5:05
No Image 1995 Jazz Hour
Louis Armstrong [Laserlight] 1996 Delta Distribution 0:00
Jazz Collection [Laserlight] 1997 Laserlight 3:03
A Portrait of Louis Armstrong 1997 Gallerie 0:00
Essential [Red X] 1999 Red X
The Satchmo Era [20 CD] 2001 Wesgram
Greatest Recording 2002 Past Perfect 3:04
Louis Armstrong & Friends 1962 2003 Idem
Introducing Louis Armstrong 2004 Naxos / Naxos Jazz 3:02
High Society [Quadromania] 2005 Quadromania Klassik 3:02
Legends: Louis Armstrong 2005 Direct Source 3:00
It's Louis Armstrong [10 CD Set] 2005 Documents / Membran
Louis Armstrong [Membran] 2005 Membran 3:03
Jazz Legend [Direct Source] 2005 Direct Source 3:00
No Image 2005 Jazz Hour
After You've Gone [Membran] 2005 Documents Classics
No Image 2005 Solid Gold Records / Union Square Music 3:05
Dixieland Jazz, Vol. 6 2005
Various Artists
Document 3:00
Man with the Trumpet 2006 Membran / New Style 2:57
18 Greatest 2006 Direct Source 3:00
The Centennial Album, Vol. 1 2006 Hallmark / Synergie
100 Classic Tracks 2007 Deja Vu Definitive Gold
No Image 2008
Various Artists
Bar-B-Que Sizzlers 40 Original Recordings 2011
Various Artists
Conveyor / Proper
The Rough Guide To Jazz Legends: Louis Armstrong (Reborn and Remastered) 2011 World Music Network
Legend: Louis Armstrong - 65 Classic Songs 2012 HLI
No Image 2013 Rare Jazz Music Ltd
No Image 2013 Golden Sky Records
No Image
Various Artists
Blanksheets Records
No Image
Various Artists
Airline Records
Dove Collection Prism Leisure Corporation (UK)
Four of a Kind: 200 Classic Songs (From Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong)
Various Artists
Four of a Kind: 200 Classic Songs (From Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby,  Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)
Various Artists
Four of a Kind: 200 Classic Songs (from Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby , Perry Como and Andy Williams)
Various Artists
HIP JAZZ BOP - Evolution Works: Jazz Essentials By Jazz Greats
Various Artists
1201 MUSIC
His Lifemusic Recordings HISTORICAL
Lazy River: 20 Golden Greats K-Tel
Legends: The Jazz Collection  - 185 Classic Tracks Hli 3:05
No Image Bella Edition
No Image Odessa Mama
No Image Onyx Classics
No Image
Various Artists
Madison Bay Records
No Image
Various Artists
Parker Street Records
The Real... Columbia