Deep Purple

Strange Kind of Woman

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Almost ten minutes in length on the live Made In Japan album, "Strange Kind Of Woman" comes in at a more restrained 4:04 in its original studio form on the Fireball lp. "Everybody loved her..." is all you need to know of the blunt lyric poured over another blues-based composition from the Deep Purple catalog. There are fewer excesses here, though, a very professional mix of bass/drums/guitar/keys and voice with no extraneous riffing and jamming - there always being time for that on the group's live endeavours. The pity is the mundane lyrics inside a song that is a superior hard rock framework, and one wonders if Ian Gillan were able to come up with something substantial to say whether this music would be as legendary and revered (well, almost) on the majestic level attained by Led Zeppelin's catalog?

It's a notion worth pondering, for the original Deep Purple was certainly more thematically thought-provoking. "Her name was Nancy/her face was never fancy" is taking sublime music and bringing it to the ridiculous. The question is why and the answer seems to be marketing. Having abandoned progressive psychedelia for fuzzy pounding metal the music invited substance abuse, and on that level, the lyrics might be more profound than could be grasped by sober intellectuals not able to interpret such subtle nuances. Of course the band may have also decided to shed intellectualism to focus on sound, and on that level "Strange Kind of Woman" succeeds.

Appears On

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