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At some point in the 2010s, the Spice Girls will undergo the same sort of cultural renaissance that happened to ABBA and the Carpenters in the 1990s: first, ironic hipsters will start playing their records again just to be annoying, then those who were adolescents in the "Wannabe" era will listen again out of nostalgia, and then it will hit people that despite the tackiness of the presentation, the Spice Girls were more than capable of delivering some truly great pop singles. "Stop," from 1997's Spiceworld, will probably become known as the best of the bunch. A smaller hit than "Spice Up Your Life" or "2 Become 1" (it wasn't released as a single until Geri Halliwell had already left the group, which was the beginning of the end), "Stop" is nonetheless a marvel. Blatantly and unapologetically reminiscent of classic Supremes or Martha & the Vandellas singles, "Stop" cruises along on a James Jamerson-style bass line and the sort of breathy close harmonies that were the Spice Girls' best vocal sound. (In true girl group style, the Spice Girls always faltered when one of them was featured too heavily.) The result is a glorious piece of utterly disposable but wonderful disposable pop, every bit as great as one of Bananarama's classic singles. Plus, it's fun to do the hand choreography to the chorus.

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Spiceworld 1997 Virgin 3:24