The Yardbirds

Still I'm Sad

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A fabulous, early example of psychedelic pop, this exquisite ballad is one of the Yardbirds' most treasured mid-'60s recordings. The main hook of the song refutes the standards of the pop "chart" ethos of the day, being led by a wordless, droning almost Gregorian chant, which mirrors the song's main melody. Rather than including all of the instrumental virtuosity of the group's other records, the song itself sounds as though it was conceived as a record, rather than a "performance" piece, and is filled with an undeniably full atmosphere. The lyrics are dark and foreboding, giving the listener a peek into the depressed and repressed mind of the lyricist. Different than anything that the band had cut before, it was a surprise Top Ten hit record in the U.K., and also made a dent in the U.S. charts, paving the way for the band's ever-growing cult status among the early "underground" movement of the time.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Having a Rave Up 1965 Sunspots 2:57
No Image 1971
Shapes of Things 1978 Delta Distribution
No Image 1980 Babylon Records
Our Own Sound 1983 Charly Records
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: 1964-1966 1986 Rhino 3:01
Over Under Sideways Down: A Comprehensive Collection 1963-1968 1990 Raven 2:59
Vol. 1: Smokestack Lightning 1991 Legacy / Columbia 2:58
No Image 1993 Charly Records
No Image 1993 Charly Records 0:00
The Best of British Rock 1994 Pair 2:55
Where the Action Is [Cleopatra] 1997 Cleopatra 2:54
Masters 1998 Cleopatra
The Ultimate Collection 1999 Recall (UK) / Snapper 2:59
Charly R&B Masters, Vol. 4: Honey in Your Hips 1999 Charly Records 2:59
The Best of the Yardbirds Featuring Clapton & Beck 1999 Charly Records 3:00
Rhythm & Blues 1999 Castle Pie 2:59
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Where the Action Is [Newmill] 2001 Cleopatra
Shapes of Things: The Best of the Yardbirds 2001 Music Club 2:58
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The Very Best of the Yardbirds [Metro] 2005 Metro 2:58
The Jeff Beck Years 2011 Starline 3:00
No Image Charly Records
No Image Phantom