Joe Jackson

Steppin' Out

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Easily the most well known single released by Jackson, “Steppin’ Out” is a mélange of simple piano hooks, rudimentary electronic treatment and classic vocal pop. A meditation on the necessity of goin’ out to make life a little more exciting, “Steppin’ Out” is recognizable immediately with a rhythm track that is quaint in its simplicity and driving enough to invoke images of the big city at night. While it can be argued that it borders on adult alternative, it’s classier than that. While lots artists in the early eighties had tacked on to the money bags that ‘softer’ rock brought, guys like Paul Davis and Air Supply were schmaltzy, maudlin song writers who went for the lowest common denominator. Jackson, on the other hand, was able to sculpt solid pop rooted in traditional pop morays whilst rising about platitudes and cliché and release songs that were catchy, emotional, and heartfelt without getting all saccharin.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Night and Day 1982 A&M 4:23
Stepping Out: The Very Best of Joe Jackson 1990 Universal 4:18
No Image 1992
Various Artists
Oldgold / Im 3:46
Hits Der 80's, Vol. 2 1994
Various Artists
BMG International 4:34
100% Summer Jazz 1995
Various Artists
No Image 1996 A&M
Greatest Hits 1996 A&M 4:19
This Is It! The A&M Years 1997 Polygram 4:22
More Music from the Motion Picture: Romy & Michele's High School Reunion 1997
Original Soundtrack
Hollywood 4:19
Double Feature: Romy & Michele's/More Romy & Michele's 1997
Original Soundtrack
Hollywood 4:19
Class Reunion: The Greatest Hits of 1982 1998
Various Artists
Rebound Records 4:21
Now: 1983 [2 CD] 1999
Various Artists
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Modern Rock: Cutting Edge 80's 1999
Various Artists
Time / Life Music
Classic Joe Jackson: The Universal Masters Collection 2000 Universal International 4:20
Night & Day/Body & Soul 2001 A&M / Mercury 4:24
The Collection 2001 Spectrum Music 4:14
I Want My 80's Box 2001
Various Artists
Hip-O 4:22
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Joe Jackson 2001 A&M / Uptown / Universal 4:21
A Year in Your Life: 1982, Vol. 2 2001
Various Artists
Definitive 4:18
Steppin' Out: The Very Best of Joe Jackson 2001 A&M 4:21
Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) 2002
Various Artists
Rhino 3:47
Pacha, Vol. 2 2002
Various Artists
Universal International 5:21
Music of the Millennium, Vol. 3 2002
Various Artists
Universal Distribution
Easy, Vol. 3 2002
Various Artists
Universal Distribution 4:24
Casey Kasem Presents: America's Top Ten - The 80's New Wave 2003
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Top Sail Productions 4:22
KKSF 103.7 FM Sampler for AIDS Relief, Vol. 14 2003
Various Artists
KKSF / KKS 4:17
The Trip: Dirty Vegas 2003 Family Recordings / Universal International 4:19
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Naughty But Nice 2005
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Family Recordings 4:11
The Best of Joe Jackson [DVD] 2005 A&M
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'80s Dance Gold 2006
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Hip-O 4:23
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Hip-O 3:46
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Total 80s Pop 2010
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Universal 4:19
Collected [Universal] 2010 Universal 4:25
The Ultimate Collection: 80s Pop - 100 Hits 2011
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Ultimate 4:13
Tubes Années 80 2011 Wagram 4:20
A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection 2012
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A&M 4:22
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Union Square Music 3:59
Greatest Ever!: Eighties: The Definitive Collection [2014] 2014
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Sing Street [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 2016
Original Soundtrack
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Hard to Find 45s on CD, Vol. 15: 80's Essentials 2016
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Eric 3:46
No Image
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Best of Rockpalast
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The Best '80s Hits Collection
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Hip-O / Universal 4:20