Bruce Springsteen

State Trooper

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Nebraska is perhaps Bruce Springsteen's closest album to being flawless, but it does contain some weaker moments. "State Trooper" is one of these, although even this track is not without its merits. Springsteen was a big fan of the Suicide song "Frankie Teardrop" at the time, and "State Trooper" is clearly a song in that vein, with its pumping, monotonous bass line drone and howling, distorted vocals. The song continues the theme of many of the songs on the album, with lyrics about an outlaw on the run, chanting "Mr. State Trooper/Please don't stop me/Please don't stop me." However, unlike most of the album, the song is essentially one-dimensional. Although it is a powerful, chilling performance, it certainly doesn't live up to the standard set by "Highway Patrolman" or "My Father's House." Interestingly, many performers, perhaps attracted to the primal quality of the song, have chosen to record it, with Steve Earle and the Cowboy Junkies recording successful versions of it, although not veering too much from Springsteen's original.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Nebraska 1982 SME US Latin LLC / Sony Music Distribution 3:17
No Image 1999
Original Television Soundtrack
Playtone Records / Sony Music Distribution 3:11
Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J./The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle/Darkness 2002 Legacy / Columbia 0:00
Nebraska/Tunnel of Love/The Ghost of Tom Joad 2002 Sony Music Distribution 3:17
The Collection [#2] 2004 Sony Music Distribution 3:15
Nebraska/Ghost of Tom Joad 2006 Sony BMG 3:17
The Collection 1973-84 2010 Columbia / Legacy / Sony Music 3:16
No Image 2014 Sony Legacy 3:17