Manu Dibango

Soul Makossa

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French-speaking Manu Dibango described his music as "Afro-quelque": Afro-something. Born in Africa, the sax player/pianist's most famous recording, "Soul Makossa," first garnered stateside attention as a French import, becoming a staple of Harlem dance clubs. Born February 10, 1934, in Cameroon, Africa, Dibango relocated to Europe in 1949, making his recording debut in Belgium in 1952. Eight years later, he switched from jazz to African music. Becoming a favorite in discotheques, the sleek "Soul Makossa" was picked up by Atlantic Records, going to number 21 R&B and number 35 pop in the summer of 1973. Kool and the Gang patterned "Jungle Boogie" and their two gold singles "Funky Stuff" and "Hollywood Swinging" after "Soul Makossa." The track was also included on the excellent Atlantic two-record set Black Gold. Dibango's other charting single was "Dangwa" during the fall. The Soul Makossa LP went to number 11 R&B and number 79 pop while his 1974 LP Makossa Man peaked at number 27 R&B. In recent times, "Soul Makossa" was rediscovered by the hip-hop/rap generation.

Appears On

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