Joy Division

Something Must Break

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One of the lesser songs in the Joy Division body of work - but one with more influence than might be thought, as the cover version years later by Jawbox showed - "Something Must Break" makes for one of the most compressed, claustrophobic recordings from the group. Extra post-production doubtless helped there, with a somewhat harsh keyboard line from Bernard Sumner taking over some of the empty space in the mix even more thoroughly than his guitar (which interestingly doesn't surface at all outside of what sounds like a heavily flanged swirl of feedback, especially noticeable in the midsong break). The Peter Hook/Stephen Morris team delivers a fast, powerful pace (Morris in particular adds some crazy fills as he goes), foregrounding Ian Curtis's portrait of reaching a moment of necessary emotional resolution. His performance is fine, a little less strident than others, almost cool without losing any force.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Still 1981 Qwest 2:48
Permanent 1995 Qwest / Warner 2:52
Heart and Soul 1998 Rhino / Warner Bros. 2:53