Some Might Say

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1994 had been the year of rebirth for British rock, with Oasis at its forefront. When 1995 rolled around, many in the music community were waiting with bated breath for Noel and company's next move. The singles they had released so far had given no indication of the greatness which they were about to achieve. "Some Might Say," released in the U.K. in April of 1995, signaled the new era of Oasis. A little mellower, a little less harsh, but even more moving. Released to a public that consumed anything the Gallaghers did, it raced to number one, signalling the birth of the "Brit-pop" era. Again, Oasis had captured the mood of young England breaking out of the doldrums that had been British pop in the first few years of the 1990s. "Some Might Say" was a prime example of Noel Gallagher's ability to blend a Beatlesque melody with a Stones swagger, and still have the lyrics mean almost nothing. Lyrical criticism aside, the song ranks with the best he wrote and became a staple of their dynamic live show. Once more, however, there was a battle with the single release of "Some Might Say." Alan McGee, the head of their record company, wanted to release it as a double A-side with the eventual B-side, "Acquiesce." Yet, again, Noel stood firm. He knew what he was doing. "Some Might Say" was the preview for what was to take Oasis to astronomical heights.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Some Might Say 1995 Creation
Smash Hits '95, Vol. 2 1995
Various Artists
Telstar 5:27
No Image 1995 Creation
Now: 1995 1995
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 5:25
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? 1995 Epic 5:29
Shine Too 1995
Various Artists
Universal Distribution
Definitive Too 1996 Hispanolo 6:41
Due North 1996 Noel 5:40
No Image 1996
Various Artists
Indolent Records 5:27
Now That's What I Call No. 1's 2006
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 5:26
No Image 2006 Columbia 5:10
Time Flies... 1994-2009 2010 Big Brother 5:28
No Image
Various Artists
No Image
Various Artists
Virgin / EMI
No Image
Various Artists
What's Up, Vol. 4: The Best Alternative Hits of the 90s
Various Artists