The Who

So Sad About Us

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"So Sad About Us" is such an archetypal early Who song that it's surprising in retrospect to realize that not only was it not a hit, it was never released as a single. With its combination of ringing rhythm guitars that sound very much inspired by the Beatles' 1965 work ("If I Needed Someone" in particular) and John Entwistle and Keith Moon's trademark heavy rhythms (Moon's drums are practically the lead instrument in Kit Lambert's typically sloppy mix), "So Sad About Us" is the very definition of what Pete Townshend would soon dub "power pop," right down to the slightly clashing harmonies on the chorus, the "la-la-la" vocals on the bridge, and the lovelorn lyrics. Hundreds of bands have based their entire careers on this one song, and it's also one of the Who's most covered songs, with versions by the Jam and the Breeders being the best known.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
A Quick One 1966 MCA 2:57
Backtrack, Vol. 8 1970 Track Records
No Image 1974 MCA
The Exciting Who 197? Universal Distribution
Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 1994 MCA 2:59
Maximum BBC [Bootleg]