The Chords

So Far Away

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A punk-pop classic which at close to five minutes long, was epic in proportion and a daring snub at the three minute formula that was then the overwhelming rule. "So Far Away" doesn't feel anywhere near that long however, as The Chords churn out the number at quick speed, led by the powerhouse rhythm section of drummer Brett "Buddy" Ascott and bassist Martin Mason.

Storming around them are guitarists Billy Hassett and Chris Pope, tossing out vigorous power chords, blizzards of riffs (counterpointing Ascott's own hurricane of beats), and the odd jangle to mix-up the sonic roar.

Overhead Hassett rounds on a friend whose not merely lost his sense of adventure, but his passion and hate as well. As with all of Chris Pope's greatest songs, the lyrics shimmer in meaning.

What at first seems a rather woebegone tale of a youth's moving towards adulthood and his friend's angry response at the change, shifts into a condemnation of those who shirk their responsibility and prefer dreams to reality, and thus by extension condemns the adult world's refusal to own up and deal with the problems around them.

This stellar number titled The Chords' sole full-length album, a masterpiece released in May, 1980, which shot into the UK Top 30.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
So Far Away 1980 Captain Oi! Records / Captain Mod 4:47
No Image 2000 Universal / Universal Music 4:44
Rechordings [1978-1981] Caroline 7:23