Flamin' Groovies

Slow Death

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Like the group's other blues-rock favorite, "Teenage Head," the Flamin' Groovies' "Slow Death" may be the preferable track because, well, it just plain rocks out more. Maybe it's the slide guitar riff, maybe it's the hand-claps, the outro's "yea-yeas," or how all the elements combine. But it would be folly to argue its fine points: "Slow Death" is simply one of those songs that was caught on just the right take so as to make it permanently electrifying. The song inspired covers by garage bands around the world, particularly during a brief Groovies revival in the '80s. Versions by groups diverse as the Dictators & the Sneetches (with co-writer and Groovie vocalist Wilson sitting in) have also made it on to disc.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Groovies' Greatest Grooves 1989 Sire 4:21
No Image 1989 Aim Records 4:15
Best of Flamin' Groovies: Oldies But Groovies 1997 Aim Records 4:32
Absolutely the Best 1999 Fuel 2000 / Varese 4:59
Punk Rock Classics 1999
Various Artists
Cleopatra 2:41
Backtracks 1999 Renaissance Records 5:00
It's Punk Innit 2001
Various Artists
Jungle / Freud 4:39
Slow Death [Norton] 2002 Norton 4:39
Sneakers and Rockfield Sessions 2004 Aim Records 4:25
Teenage Kicks 2004 Akarma 5:23
A Tribute to Jet 2004
Various Artists
Big Eye Music 5:01
A Tribute to the Vines 2004
Various Artists
Tributized 5:02
Rock On [Ace] 2008
Various Artists
CBGB [Original Soundtrack] 2013
Original Soundtrack
Omnivore 4:23