Black Flag

Six Pack

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Brute effectiveness was the Black Flag credo in its earliest days, and "Six Pack" is no exception. One of the many highlights of the near peerless Damaged album, "Six Pack" tackles something of the same subject matter as Minor Threat's "Bottled Violence," though with the emphasis on being a drunk loser rather than beating the crap out of someone else. Then again, subject matter isn't really the focus here -- it's the pure, full-bodied rampage of the band that matters. Greg Ginn's knack for sheer aggression as personified in words and music both didn't let him up here in the slightest, though it's Charles Dukowski's minimal bass line and Robo's slow-drumming build that kicks things off. After a few hoarse words from Henry Rollins and some riffs, the tempo fully speeds up and everyone's all off. Ginn's split-second soloing amps things up even more as the gang-shout choruses hit the needed impact again and again. Rollins does his level best throughout (and pretty well at that), but it's all Ginn in the end, a hardcore classic note for note.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Damaged 1981 SST 2:20
Six Pack 1981 SST 2:20
The First Four Years 1983 SST 2:18
7 Inch Wonders of the World 1985
Various Artists
SST 2:17
Wasted...Again 1987 SST 2:20