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Silly Love Songs

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For this Paul McCartney seemed to be addressing critics with one of his most accomplished and playful songs. By the early ‘70s, as a solo act McCartney became even more skillful with pop and with songs with love as the primary subject matter. That fact seemed to prompt McCartney to do this as he sang, “You’d that people would have had enough of silly love songs/But I look around me and I see it isn’t so.” Well that certainly lets him off the hook, but he did offer a truly strong song as an example. Although his standing as an innovator was assured by this point, McCartney was clearly listening to what else was on the radio. “Silly Love Songs” wasn’t too far removed from Al Green’s more ebullient 74-75 singles, especially with this track’s pretty string arrangement and punchy horns. In many ways the lyrics are so simplistic and gooey that McCartney seemed to be all but flaunting the sweetness that he had come to define him for better or worse. This track did find McCartney in particularly appealing voice. “Silly Love Songs” also boasts one of his best rolling and apt bass lines. What’s wrong with this? Not much. This was a #1 single and the biggest hit from 1976’s At the Speed of Sound.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Wings at the Speed of Sound 1976 Hear Music 5:54
Wings Greatest 1978 Capitol 5:55
R35: Rock & Pops Super Hits 2006
Various Artists
WEA 5:54
Pure McCartney 2016 Hear Music / Virgin EMI 5:55